What to Expect at Your Appointment

Seattle Dentist LobbySeattle Dentist: Timothy J. Butson, DMD, MSD

From scheduling your first visit and beyond, our team is here to be of service to you. Before each appointment, you will receive a confirmation call. When you arrive at our Seattle dentist office, you will notice our comfortable and quiet reception area.

A Treatment Plan that Fits You

At the offices of Timothy J. Butson, DMD, MSD, each appointment begins with a conversation about you. We talk with you to gather information about your current state of health. At your first appointment or from time-to-time we may request that you provide us with written information about your state of wellness. This establishes some baseline information that will help us treat you over time.

Dentist Office in SeattleStay Updated

Our dental care experts always provide you with updates with the latest in dentistry, prosthodontics and ideas about maintaining optimum oral health. After discussing your health history, we provide you with a thorough examination of your head, neck and mouth. This is to screen for oral cancer or other illnesses that we can help treat or prevent.

We then examine the inside of your mouth and share a mirror with you, so that you may see anything that we observe. Once we have a complete picture of your oral health, we work with you to design a customized treatment plan to meet your needs and deliver the results you desire.

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