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Mouth Guard Seattle
Custom mouth guards can be used for everything from nighttime jaw tension and grinding to protection while playing sports. While it is possible to get a mouth guard that is not fitted for your specific mouth, it is not recommended by Dentists.  Ill-fitted mouth guards can exacerbate or even cause jaw problems. A dentist can help! Timothy J. Butson, DMD, MSD offers customized fitted mouth guards in Seattle that protect your teeth at night or while playing sports.

Sports Guards

Your teeth are especially vulnerable to injury while playing sports. You may not even know that an injury has occurred that is severe enough to cause a later loss of the tooth. Our clinic offers customized sports guards that are a much better fit than stock mouth protectors. Stock mouth protectors you buy at the drug store are bulky and are not adjustable. They make breathing difficult and can slip out of the mouth.

Customized, fitted sports guards are molded to fit your teeth and mouth. They take up less space in the mouth and will stay in place, even during rough activities. These are a great option to protect your oral health while playing any sport, but especially important during contact sports like football or wrestling.

Taking the extra care to get a fitted mouth guard can save you money, pain, and embarrassment down the line!

Dental Mouth Guards in Seattle

Mouth Guard Seattle WA

Night Guards

Grinding of the teeth while sleeping, or bruxsim, is a condition that quickly wears down the teeth. Severe grinding can even result in cracking and chipping of teeth. Nighttime grinding is also hard on the temporomandibular joint, often leaving a person in pain throughout the day. Since this happens while a person sleeps, it can be difficult to control.

A dental night guard protects your teeth by adding a layer of padding. A custom night guard, like a sports guard, is made by taking a mold of your teeth and fitting the guard for an exact match.

People suffering from periodontal disease have a breakdown in the bone, causing teeth to become loose and not well-anchored. Inflamed gum tissue is another result of the disease. Grinding and clenching at night encourages the movement of teeth, aggravating the problem. A night guard protects teeth and gums by stabilizing the teeth and reducing inflammation for the periodontal ligament and gums. It is a comfortable, easy way to avoid painful and expensive dental repairs caused by grinding.

Call today to ask about your custom dental mouth guards and keep your teeth safe from damage. We also provide dental implants, dentures, teeth whitening, and more!