Latest Dental Technologies

Dentists SeattleSeattle dentist, Dr Timothy J. Butson is committed to providing innovative dental solutions that benefit his patients. Timothy J. Butson, DMD, MSD consistently observes auditions and reviews the latest dental technologies. He selects and invests in only the highest-quality devices that improve your visits. Timothy J. Butson and his team use these state of the art technologies for best care.

Dental technology has made great strides in recent years, Timothy J. Butson, DMD, MSD has kept up with the latest technologies. Our office features some of the most advanced equipment available, allowing us to thoroughly and accurately perform everything from routine care to complex procedures. Timothy J. Butson, DMD, MSD is continually researching the effectiveness of new technologies and treatment methods to ensure the best results, for their patients.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are available for viewing instantly and require 90% less radiation of conventional x-rays. Instant viewing helps Timothy J. Butson, DMD, MSD make quick, precise diagnoses of periodontal disease as well as many other possible conditions. The digital x-rays can also be sent electronically to insurance companies, for faster claims processing.

Paperless Charting

We love our planet and respect your privacy. That is why Timothy J. Butson, DMD, MSD made the investment in paperless charting. This way we can keep your health information easily on hand without printing out extra paper. Paperless Charting allows us to be more organized, securely store patient information and reduce waste.

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