Gum Recession Seattle

Gum Recession

Gum recession is when the margin of gum tissue around teeth wears away. The reasons for receding gums can vary, which is why having a Seattle dentist such as Timothy J. Butson, DMD, MSD review your gum recession is important. Receding gums is often one of the first signals of serious dental problems to come. When left untreated, it will likely progress. The loss of gum tissue results in gaps and pockets forming between teeth and gums, leaving space for bacteria to build up. This bacteria leads to gingivitis. If not caught early, gingivitis can become periodontal disease/gum disease. Once this occurs, damage to the bone and tissue can end in tooth loss.

Gum Recession Seattle

Common Causes of Gum Recession

  • Periodontal disease/Gum disease
  • Smoking and tobacco products
  • Brushing your teeth too hard or a brush that is too stiff
  • Genetically week or thin gums
  • Ill-fitting partial dentures
  • Trauma or injury to the gums
  • Crooked or badly positioned teeth
  • Plaque and tartar build up
  • A piercing in the tongue or lip

Gum Recession Seattle WA

Receding Gums

The symptoms of gum recession can be difficult for a person to recognize in their own mouth. This is because receding gums happens very gradually. Gum recession is also inconsistent in the way it progresses, as some areas will recede more than others. When you come in to see Timothy J. Butson, DMD, MSD for gum recession in Seattle, he will find the cause of your gum recession. The type of treatment you receive will depend on the cause.

Keeping up with regular dental exams and cleanings is the best way to prevent gum disease. Regular visits are also the best way to assure that gum recession is quickly diagnosed. If left untreated, gum recession can lead to larger dental concerns. If you suspect you may have receding gums, you have a genetic disposition for receding gums, or you simply have not been in for a dental examination in a while, contact us at our downtown Seattle office to schedule an appointment. We also provide mouth guards, dental bridges, veneers, and more!