Crowns and Bridges Seattle

Having a Seattle prosthodontics specialist like Timothy J. Butson, DMD, MSD create your crowns & bridges Seattle provides you with a high level of expertise from a professional dentist.


Crowns & Bridges Seattle
Most of us will need one or more of our teeth crowned during our lifetime. As a Seattle dentist, we are well versed in detecting even the finest details to ensure that your crown fits as it should. Specializing in crowns & bridges allows us to help you make the best choices for your health.

When we prepare a tooth for crowning we incorporate several steps for optimum tooth function, dental structure and longevity of the restoration. Once the appropriate crown materials are identified, our dentist works hand-in-hand with the dental lab to make certain that each custom-made restoration fits accurately, accounting for length and surface area when crafting crowns in Seattle.


Crowns & Bridges Seattle WAA bridge can be an excellent prosthetic solution for someone with a missing tooth. To create dental bridges, we place a crown on each of the adjacent teeth. He then creates a prosthetic tooth, to fill in the empty area. The adjacent crowns are then connected to the prosthetic tooth, restoring function and appearance.

We pride ourselves on providing the most attentive care when it comes to crowns & bridges and taking plenty of time to discuss all options with each Seattle patient. He understands that with nearly every treatment there is an emotional component. We partner with each patient to explain every part of the crowns & bridges Seattle process, and helps patients feel comfortable with treatment before it begins.

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