Seattle Dentist

Different Types of Dentistry

When it comes to a Seattle dentist, you may not know about the different fields that are present in dentist practices. During your lifetime, there will be different dentist needs that you will have. Finding a dentist in Seattle you can trust to do these procedures may seem daunting, but you will be able to find one if you follow recommendations and research your options carefully. The world of dentist is constantly evolving and there is a good chance it could save you a lot of trouble in the future. These are some types of Seattle dentist that you should be familiar with.

Family Dentist

Most dentists will offer some form of family dentist. This will cover basic cleanings, as well as other basic services that occur frequently, like braces and cavity fillings. A family dentist in Seattle will offer general care to those of all ages and will provide consistent services every time you go in for a checkup. Regular cleanings should be done every six months, and special monthly visits should be done for those with braces. For cavities, periodontal disease and other special issues, appointments can be made outside of the regularly scheduled dentist appointments in Seattle.

Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentist is utilized in a number of different cases. It is usually for people who have suffered tooth damage or decay and want to have a normal mouth again. Oftentimes, teeth are damaged in accidents and are broken or separated. A good cosmetic dentist can repair these teeth and introduce dental implants, crowns & bridges to replace broken teeth that have rotted away. These procedures help thousands of people each year as they recover from accidents and other forms of tooth damage. If your teeth have suffered from any form of trouble, be it breakages or rotting, a good cosmetic dentist in Seattle can restore your mouth to something clean and healthy that you can be proud of. A beautiful smile is available for anyone with the advances made in cosmetic dentist.


Prosthodontics includes dentures and other forms of dentist that replace missing teeth. As humans age, their teeth sometimes get weak and fall out, meaning dentures or other forms of replacements are necessary to avoid loss of function. These Seattle dentist procedures can also eliminate pain that the patient may be feeling every time he or she eats and chews. A good prosthodontist in Seattle will get your mouth functioning properly once again and will increase your overall health in the process.