Your home teeth whitening routine

We live in the age of selfies. No matter where you go, there’s a vary real possibility that you’re going to end up in a picture. If you’re like most people you probably want to be known for a warm disposition and a friendly personality. Nothing gives that impression better, in pictures or in person, than a beautiful smile filled with radiant white teeth. When you want to look your best,you’ve got many options to help you reach your smile goals.

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Lifestyle changes for whiter teeth

If you take the time to get your teeth whitened, you want to keep them that way longer. Fortunately there are several things that you can do to prolong the effects. Note that biological or other factors could also affect how long your whitening lasts and the extent of its effectiveness. Try altering your daily routine to see improved results.

Reduce the acid level of your diet

It’s well-known that acid foods damage the enamel of your teeth. This can weaken them and it also leads to staining over time. Acidic foods can also wear away at the treatment used in your whitening sessions. This leave you with teeth that look dark and discolored, just like before you got them whitened in the first place. Here’s what to limit or eliminate when you want whiter teeth:

  • Citrus: Citric acid wears away tough enamel very effectively. Citrus fruits are also high in sugar- more on that below.
  • Soda pop: Carbonated water is corrosive. If you have to drink pop, use a straw, rather than gulping it directly from the cup. This reduces the amount of time wduring which the pop remains in contact with your teeth.
  • Sugary foods: One of the big reasons why sugar is bad for your teeth is that the bacteria that live in your mouth use it for food. These bacteria then produce acids within the plaque on your teeth, which creates a wash that can dissolve the enamel.

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The right type of brushing

You know the routine. You’re supposed to brush twice a day and, and floss. That’s true, but quality brushing requires you to make sure that you’re doing it right. Yes, you can get busy and have other things to do with your time, but you need to brush for the full two minutes, not 20 seconds, not 30, but two minutes.

Here’s an easy trick to remembering how to to do it. do you know that really popular quiz show, the one where contestants have to phrase their responses in the form of a question? There’s a very famous song that plays during the last round of every episode. If you’ve ever seen the show it’s probably going through your head right now. That song is exactly 30 seconds long. If you hum it through all the way four times, you’ve got your two minutes in. For the first song brush the front and bottom of the top row of teeth. To the back of that row and the roof of yoru mouth on the second song. From there move to the bottom row, front and top, and then to the back of the bottom row and the tongue.

When do you brush in the morning? Is it before or after breakfast. Consider the timing of your brushing. If you wake up in the morning and immediately enjoy the most important meal of the day, you’re also feeding each of the bacteria that had the whole night to develop while you slept. Try brushing before you eat so you remove the bacteria before they have a chance to propagate further.

Colored foods color teeth

Many dark or vividly colored foods can stain your teeth. Think about the foods and drinks that ruin clothing and carpets. When you pour coffee, red wine, or tomato sauce on your favorite T-shirt, it’s not coming out. These same foods also have a staining effect on tooth enamel. If you want to preserve the effect of your whitening treatment avoid those ingredients.

Other common staining foods include:

  • Soy sauce: Did you know that they use soy to make certain types of ink? Savory? Yes. Good for white teeth? Absolutely not.
  • Beets: This sweet red root can stain your entire mouth crimson.
  • Balsamic vinegar: It adds a tart flavor to your salads and Mediterranean dishes, but it can turn your pearly whites an unpleasant shade of brown.

Foods that are good for your teeth include those that are high in calcium and other nutrients that build up enamel. Fibrous, crisp foods also sweep away existing plaque when you chew them. Carrots, leafy greens, broccoli, and more are all good options.

Get your teeth whitened professionally

Home maintenance is fine, but if you really want to start things off right, make sure to see a dental professional. There are various systems that require a licensed technician to apply. These are longer-lasting than the simple strips and paste that you get at the drug store. Popular whitening programs, such as the Zoom! system, get applied at the dentist’s office, and you then follow through at home.

When your dentists starts you off on a whitening regimen, make sure to follow their instructions precisely. Your choices can directly affect the level of success that you enjoy. Simply lifestyle changes can be the difference between a few days of beautiful shine and a few weeks.

See Dr. Timothy J Butson for teeth whitening

Dr. Butson is the premier office for dental whitening in Seattle. He’s been in practice for many years and his staff has thousands of hours of experience in the oral hygiene field. When you come to us for a whitening appointment you’re only in the chair for about an hour, then you can get back on your way. We set you up with kits to use at home for regular shine maintenance. Don’t let your smile go another day without looking its best. Give us a call or send us a message from this site’s contact form to set up an appointment and get the brilliant whites that make you stand out from the crowd.