Dental Implants Seattle

How can a Dental Implant Help You?

A dental implant is a procedure that works well for patients who are missing one or two of their natural teeth. This procedure is makes it easier for those people who do not want to hassle with dentures, crowns, or bridges in their mouths. Dental implants are a new choice for those who have lost a tooth or a few teeth to disease, decay, or injury, and can turn your smile back to its original beautiful form. For the best in dental implant procedures, you will want to find a dentist in Seattle who specializes in dental implants in Seattle. There are many benefits to using a dental implant for a solution to your tooth troubles.

Less Materials Used

A dental implant does not take up space in your entire mouth like other procedures, such as dentures and bridges, tend to do. All that is required for a dental implant is a small insertion into your gums where the fake tooth will be attached. The first part of an implant is at titanium cylinder that the dentist surgically attaches to the jawbone. The second part is the false tooth. It is connected the cylinder so that there is no chance that it will fall out.


Sometimes with dentures and other cosmetic dentist procedures, the fake teeth that have been implanted tend to look more fake than the real teeth. With these dental implants, there is no concern about appearances. A dental implant is carefully molded and customized so it will fit into your individual mouth and mesh nicely with the rest of your teeth. Due to its unique customization qualities, one of these false teeth will look exactly like the rest of the teeth in your mouth. There will be no need to be self-conscious, or to worry about how your smile will look after some time has gone by. You will always have a smile that gives nothing away. It will always look as if you have real teeth throughout your mouth.


Unlike other detailed cosmetic dentistry surgeries, most patients only report minor discomfort with the dental implant procedure, meaning the recovery process is much shorter and less painful than other procedures. After the phases have been completed, you will be able to jump right back into your daily routine without any trouble at all. Not only will you get to enjoy a new smile full of strong and healthy teeth, but you won’t have to worry about excessive pain after the procedure has been finished.