Family Dentist Seattle

Family Dentist Seattle

Family Dentist

Timothy J. Butson, DMD, MSD and his team have training as a family dentist Seattle and to care for children and adults of all ages including those with special health care needs. Our goal is to provide a nurturing, comfortable environment where children and parents will find comfort and confidence each time they visit their family dentist. We believe in having the patience to understand each patient’s specific needs, concerns and anxieties. We’re dedicated to providing each patient with quality family dentist care from a reputable dentist. He encourages patients to speak openly about any concerns or questions so he can put them at ease and establish the right approach for their particular situation.

Family Dentistry that Cares

We’ll provide you and your family with the best family dentist and prosthodontist service in the Seattle area. Each family dentist understands the amount of work involved in keeping patients in the best of oral care. We not only perform a variety of dental procedures, but will also educate you and your family about oral hygiene. We recommend patients to visit the family dentist at least twice a year for their checkups and a cleaning performed by the family dentist and hygienist. This will ensure your teeth remain in the best health and free of Gingivitis and other health conditions for the long term. We perform extensive analysis at each visit, checking for gum disease, checking for signs of decay and oral cancer.

Family Dentist Seattle WAYour child’s first tooth erupts between 6-12 months and the remainder of their 20 primary teeth also known as “baby teeth” erupt by age 3. Gums tend to feel sore and cause your child to feel irritable, we recommend that you soothe gums by rubbing a cool wet cloth across them or a possibly a teething ring. Permanent teeth begin arriving after age 6 and continue till about 21 years old. As new teeth erupt, examine them every few weeks for any discoloration that can be caused by decay. Sugary foods and liquids can attack a new tooth. Adopting healthy oral hygiene habits at a young age is helpful for long term dental health. Brushing can be fun and you and your child should begin to brush as soon as the first tooth arrives. Flossing is also essential for excellent oral hygiene.

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